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Our company specializes in the transportation of oversized and overweight freight. When choosing Silye Kft, you can be assured that your load will arrive intact and within a precise time limit, while the whole process will not entail any complications for you. Our company has extensive experience in domestic and international transportation of oversized and overweight tools, construction or agricultural machines and steel structures, and also in escorting oversized loads.

We can handle the complete process by obtaining related domestic and international permits, acquiring the required equipment for safe transport, planning an appropriate route for the delivery of your oversized load, coordinating and scheduling pick up and drop off services, and securing oversized loads for safe transportation. Our work is supported by a reliable group of sub-contractors.

The continuous expansion and versatility of our fleet enables us to carry out a wide range of oversized shipments.

EEV- EURO6 4×2,  6×2, 6×4 and 8×4 trucks. We can pull up to 250 t.

Our Fleet:

Overweight trailers

Vehicles up to 86 t can be transported with our overweight trailers. Our trailers are suitable for transporting construction machinery due to the construction bridge of the trailer.

Low bed trailers

Our low bed trailers are capable of transporting 30-50 cm platform height; therefore, they are particularly suitable for delivering special agricultural and industrial machines, high equipment or large diameter tanks.

Flatbed trailers

Our flatbed, twist look trailers are expandable between 13.6m to 21.4m, which are suitable for transporting ISO containers of 20 ‘and 40’ feet as well, and for delivering long steel structures, beams, vehicles and frames.

Flatbed-semi trailers

Our gooseneck trailers have 0.8m high platforms and free places for the wheels, which allow the loading height to be reduced up to 53 cm. The trailers can be extended from 9.9m to 16.9m. It is extremely suitable for the transportation of high construction or agricultural machinery.

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